Healing Spells (Spells)


Item You Will Need : 

– Your Hands –

– Patience –

– Focus –









Place Your hands over the wound, injury area, bump, lump, scar, scratch, etc. Imagine a thin tan line coming from the palm of your hand. Now imagine it sewing your skin together. After this say:

”I call on spirits to undo, the pain that he/she had to go through. By the powers of wind, & by the power of air, I heal your injury with great care. No medical attention required here, I heal your injury wether your far or near. So On this night & in this hour, I heal your wound with my Power.”

– This Spell Is Used To Heal: – Blood Flow – Wounds – Bumps or Lumps – Scars & Scratches – Broken Bones Or Severe Head or Body Injuries –


About Franz Xaverius

Aku hanya ingin berada dalam zona "Nyaman"-ku, dimana Aku bebas menjadi diriku sendiri tanpa harus mengubah pribadiku menjadi seseorang yang diinginkan oleh orang lain... Aku adalah Aku.. I just want to be in the zone "Comfort", where I am free to be myself without having to change myself be desired by someone else ... I was .. I

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