Make Someone Stop Being Rude To You (Spells)

Item You Will Need : 
– 1 Orange Candle –
– Picture of Person If You Have One –
– If  Not Visualize The Person –
Light the candle and start with concentrating on the persons face. Close your eyes and think about the times he/she was rude to you. Then take a deep breath open your eyes and stare into the flame. Chant three times:
When you will see me (mentions the persons name) Look at me with kindness Or dont look at me at all And from now on you wont be rude at me. Let it be as it is my will…
Then imagine the person smiling at you. And being kind. Then smile for positive energy and the most basic believe to it…
– This spell Is To Make Someone That Is Being Rude To You Stop. –

About Franz Xaverius

Aku hanya ingin berada dalam zona "Nyaman"-ku, dimana Aku bebas menjadi diriku sendiri tanpa harus mengubah pribadiku menjadi seseorang yang diinginkan oleh orang lain... Aku adalah Aku.. I just want to be in the zone "Comfort", where I am free to be myself without having to change myself be desired by someone else ... I was .. I

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