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Anti Lonely Spells (Spells)


Item You Will Need : 

– Meditate –

– Voice –


Anti Lonely Spells :

Here I am and I am me,
I am whole and I am free,
I am one and I’m a treat,
I am one and I’m complete.

Only one can laugh or cry,
Only one can bring and buy,
Only one can give me love,
Only one sun shines above.

I am here and I am free,
I decide my destiny,
Make my day and make my night,
Make them gorgeous, make them bright.

I am taking care of ME,
Help and comfort lovingly;
And no matter who YOU are –
I am ME, and I’m a STAR!

And there, stand up, clap your hands, and call your own name, call yourself as your own and one true champion, and from that place of true acceptance and confidence, come up with something that will really PLEASE YOUR LOVED ONE – YOU!


– It Makes You Feel Less Lonely and Comfortable


Salt Power (Spells)











Item You Will Need : 

– Salt

– Water



You can shower with salt and clean your chakra with it. You can also take a bath with salt water for 15 minutes, you will be refresh.


Wherever you go, bring some salt with you and if you think the place you’re going is haunted sprinkle some salt around the area you’re at. If you’re sleeping in a hotel, you can mix the salt with a cup of water and put it near you.


Shower or bathe with salt can recover your energy. You will feel more awake and refresh after you take a salt bath.

– Increases Positive Energy –